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An Ordinary Miracle

Suggested Reading: Psalm 106:8-13

“It’s not that unusual

When everything is beautiful

It’s just another ordinary miracle, today.”

- “Ordinary Miracle,” Sarah McLachlan, Charlotte’s Web

One of our family’s most precious Christmas presents this year wasn’t found wrapped beneath the tree.  The gift was never far from our feet, moved around on four legs, required food and water and an occasional scratch behind the ears.

Last January, our dog, “Hershey,” became extremely ill.  Extensive tests provided no answers and we ultimately were sent away with some meds and the vet’s condolences. Hershey wasn’t expected to live beyond April.

I remember thinking to myself, “I just wanted one more Christmas with her,” but didn’t have the courage to pray for healing.  She was, after all, an old dog.  Our 8-year-old, however, was willing to pray for the impossible and, every night, asked God to heal her.

I held my breath.

After two months, Hershey was improving, but my husband and I still had our doubts. We cautiously asked our son if he felt  God had answered his prayer.  Without hesitation, he told us “Yes.” And with that, in true 8-year-old form, he began praying she’d live until Christmas!

She did.

Christmas Day, 2011

Looking back, there were many days this year, when we didn’t see a tail-wagging miracle in our dog.  She was just part of the family, and sometimes, quite a pest! We took these “stolen moments” for granted and momentarily forgot.

In this way, we are not unlike the Israelites who experienced countless miracles – and then forgot.  History tells us instead of letting those miracles build their faith, they rebelled, becoming complacent with God’s “convenient” provisions. 

When did the manna become ordinary?  I wonder.

* * * * *

I’m hopeful Christmas 2011 will be a building block in my son’s faith walk.  My prayer is that this Christmas miracle will forever remind him God is real, He hears our prayers and answers in His own time.

Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father, help me in my unbelief. Help me pray like my children, believing you are more than enough for every circumstance.  And when you answer, don’t let me forget it!  Give me eyes to see the ordinary miracles and build my faith so that I will seek you first when life is hard.  Amen.

For Discussion:  

Can  you share a time when God answered an impossible prayer?

What are the ordinary miracles in your life today for which you need to remember to thank Him?   For example: 

If you prayed for a job 10 years ago, and He brought an incredible opportunity to you, do you still rejoice and praise him every time you get a paycheck?  (Or do you grumble about how difficult your boss is to work for?)

If you faced a health crisis and made it through, do you thank the Lord for each day? (Or are you grumpy because you don’t have as much energy as before?)  

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