Are you a hillbilly princess?

Suggested Reading: Zechariah 3:1-10

“All glorious is the princess within her chamber;

her gown is interwoven with gold.” Psalm 45:13

A dear friend of mine recently shared this story about her daughter, Charlee:

A few weeks ago we bought Charlee an Easter dress. She isn’t much of a girly girl when it comes to dresses but Easter is special so we thought we would give it a try. We found a really pretty dress, washed it and hung it in her closet and waited for Easter!

Our morning was pretty normal. We woke up, had breakfast, played and listened to music. Then it was time to get dressed. When I pulled the dress out of the closet Charlee’s face lit up with delight. She said, “Wow” in her sweet little whisper. Usually, she likes to stay in her PJs but today she was ready to put her dress on.

After she was dressed I took her to the mirror. She was simply in awe. She grinned from ear to ear, kept touching the dress and stared at herself.

(Story and photo shared with permission.)

When I read that story and viewed the accompanying photos, “princess transformation” immediately came to mind…and I knew there was something I needed to learn from this sweet little one.

1 John 3:1 tells us we are children of the King of Kings.  In other words, our God-given identity is royalty!

If this is our true identity in Christ, why then, do we act like the Clampett family, claiming a Beverly Hills address, but continuing to live like Hillbillies?

Despite Charlee’s pajama preference, when she saw the beauty of her Easter dress – and how stunning she looked wearing it – I doubt she gave another thought to those old PJs.  She had a new identity, and was ready to embrace it!

“…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles…fixing our eyes upon Jesus” Hebrews 12:1-2

Sin is unbecoming of a princess!  We were created for more!  Won’t you surrender? Throw off the “old clothes” (sinful self) and fix your eyes of Jesus.  Let him clothe you in righteousness and royal garments as only he can.

Let’s Pray:

Royal Father, you told me today that I am yours! You delight in the plans you have laid out for my life and have graciously equipped me with every talent and tool necessary for the task.  Help me today to live with the strong sense of duty that comes with knowing who you created me to be as a daughter of the King of all Kings! Amen

Taking it deeper:

What “comfortable pajamas” have you been unwilling to surrender to the king?  Why?  

Will you pray and ask God to help you lay that at the foot of the cross? And, when you do, will you accept His transformational healing, forgiveness, love, and yes, your “new clothes?”

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4 responses to “Are you a hillbilly princess?

  1. I love this, Jeannette. I should wake up every morning and remember I’m the daughter of the King, and then ACT like it all day!!

    • jeannetteduwe

      I certainly don’t always remember that…in fact I don’t think I consider that most days! Let’s act like who we were made to be, sister!

  2. I’m gonna make sure I’m ‘dressed’ today! Thanks, Jeannette!

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